Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Weekend Away...

17 de mayo de 2013

Writing while on the road… (if I can see it, that is)

Don’t worry, I’m not driving and writing at the same time! ;)

Another weekend is upon me here in Spain. After last week’s disaster, I hope and pray that this one goes much smoother and is less stressful. I’m on my way via bus to the beautiful beach city of Malaga so it should be, right? Now, that this rainy weather is clearing up, it should be just fine. Seeing a spectacular rainbow (arcoiris) up close on the way here is also a good sign. J
Anyway, as we get closer and closer to my weekend destination I’m reminded of the first solo excursion I took 3 years ago to Ronda, a small, charming pueblo blanco that is well-known for its bridges and bull fighting ring. The town itself is in fact built on a cliff. The panoramic views of the mountains and river that runs beneath the town are something out of a storybook. I only spent the day there but I did just fine as far as getting around and speaking Spanish went. I did so well that a “cute” old man proposed marriage to me!  haha

A few days after that trip I ventured north up to Madrid to visit my friend Kinsey studying there. I was excited about getting to know the city I flew into better and explore some of the surrounding areas. I did well getting around and seeing as much as I could see but time just flew by there. Madrid was so huge and there was a lot to see in the city itself let alone the surrounding areas. it was the second largest metropolitan city that I had I explored largely by myself. (New York City was the first.) I learned how important planning ahead and planning for the unexpected really are. Expect the best but definitely plan for anything that might happen.  Also, be open to changing your plans if necessary. Be sure to vow to come back to any beautiful country you visit. That always helps. I’m thrilled to say that I have done successfully done that now.
Back to the trip at hand: (after the bus almost got cut off by a dumb car). As I am still in Spain when I had planned to be in Germany, I decided to take this opportunity to visit a new place in Andalucia that I had never been before: Málaga  I have a friend from GBU (link) who lives here but she is in Cordoba this weekend. I’ll be staying here through Monday so I will hopefully still be able to see her, even if it is for just a few short hours. It might be the reason why Germany didn’t work out but I won’t focus too much on that.
As this bus has winded its way through rain, wind, mountains and several pueblos blancos , I’m reminded of how beautiful and diverse the landscapes are in this region of Spain. I’m actually venturing away from the traditional and heading towards la Costa del Sol (the Sunny Coast…doesn’t the English translation sound less magical?) Those who live in this part of Spain enjoy sunshine over 300 days of the year. The other main attraction that draws tourists here is the most obvious: the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. And the endless amount of wind, water and land activities you can do here!

I have only seen the Med. Sea from the side of road with my tour group in Morocco awhile back. That’s about to change here pretty soon. I’m always excited to see new bodies of water in any part of the world because, as I may have mentioned before, I didn’t see my first one (the Pacific) at 17. I saw the Atlantic at 18 years old with my family as they brought me down to Florida for college. If you are reading this and have always lived within 1-2 hours from any ocean, you might think I’m a little crazy for having waited that long to see it. If you’re a fellow landlubber, you can probably relate. I didn’t want to wait that long, believe me, but that’s just what ended up happening.

The bus is just now pulling into the city and at first sight it has reminded me of what Cadiz (a tiny beach town boarded by the Atlantic Ocean) looks like, but cleaner. I have a feeling that once the rain clears up fully tonight/tomorrow that this weekend will be very relaxing. And that’s just what I could use right about now.

Hasta pronto :)

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