Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pros and Cons of Traveling With Family (Sibling Edition)

Train station in Toledo, Spain

  1.  You always have someone to do things with (ie: trying a new restaurant, sightseeing, going dancing or to concerts, movies, etc).
  2. You can see things from a different perspective (what they notice and you don’t –and viceversa-) at any given moment.
  3. You can make memories wherever you go and remember them for years and years to come!
  4.  You can show someone else a place you have been before and guide the other person to where you both need to go.
  5. They can show you new things in an old or familiar place and you can do the same for them.
  6. You learn what your strengths and weaknesses are over and over again!
  7. You learn to view problems and the world around you both from a different perspective.
  8. You can both navigate a new country and/or new language and be embarrassed together at times!
  9. You both learn to laugh at yourselves!
  10. You fill in each others’ gaps and learn which areas you need to improve.
  11. You learn to become more organized and prioritize your time better (this can be learned the easy way or the hard way and I definitely recommend the former! :P)
Bonus: You can help each other get over fears and especially help the other person learn how to talk to the opposite sex –which could lead to matchmaking if one of you plays your cards right! ;)

The trip to Cordoba to see the famous Mosque Cathedral and hear andalu that almost didn't happen! So glad it did.


  1. You have to compromise or do something or go somewhere you initially may not have wanted to go.
  2. You will argue a little bit (or a lot) and hard or hurt feelings could ruin the trip for both of you.
  3. Miscommunication could lead to missed transportation or ruined or foiled plans.
  4. You both have to take time out from having fun and plan your whole trip or the next day's activities (it’s not always fun and games).
  5. You may find that traveling together is too stressful and may vow to never do it again.

Bonus: Communication is key and every important decision must be made together!
            It’s important for you both to have alone time when traveling for an extended period of time (ie: 2-4 weeks or more; personal example: we had to take separate trains to/from Cordoba as it just worked out that way and it was for the better).

Every second of your trip counts! One extra minute spent wandering down the wrong street or surfing the Internet could mean missing out on a more worthwhile and unforgettable experience together. Or you could miss out on having time for a really meaningful conversation that you wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. If you want those things to take place, don’t waste your time doing other things!

What advantages or disadvantages would you add to this list? Have you ever traveled with a family member for a long period of time? How did it go? Tell me about your trip and suggestions in the comments below!

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